Photo Diary #9

TOP ROW: Burger with all the trimmings // Aug/Sept issue of Black Beauty magazine // Zara sandals // Oreo milkshake // Mummy and Little Man on his birthday
MIDDLE ROW: Digital magazine subscriptions // Kruger breakfast burritos // The Promenade at Blackpool // Chunky chain necklace // Fried sweet potatoes
BOTTOM ROW: Run, Little Man, Run // Tomato Ketchup Fiery Chilly Sauce // The Americans // New shades // Alizé
TOP ROW: Sunday lunch at The Globe, Baker Street // Nigerian Guinness // Rings // Champagne
MIDDLE ROW: Suits, Season 3 // Finding shade under a tree // Victoria Park lake // Little Man attempting to wear my sunglasses
BOTTOM ROW: Relaxing in the park // Southend-on-Sea rock // Jumbo onion rings // Moroccan chicken with pasta
TOP ROW: Mixed meat fried rice and noodles // Little Man helping in the kitchen // Short shorts // Tippee toes // Colleague's tatts
MIDDLE ROW: Summer florals // Omelette // Scandal // Little Man and daddy taking a stroll // Exotic fruit medley 
BOTTOM ROW: Sax playing in the park // Pizza Express pizzas // Peppercorn salami // Children's party bag // Plain omelette wrap

As ever, 


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