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One of my husband's childhood friends and his wife passed through London from their holiday in New York, so we we took them out for dinner yesterday. We wanted somewhere not too casual, yet relaxed to eat, so we opted for The Parlour, Canary Wharf.
The decor, although an unusual mix of contemporary, nautical, the Orient, and shabby chic, comes together beautifully.
The menus (food and drinks) - albeit slightly confusing to understand in some parts - are witty, creative and obviously well thought out.  
Left: Hubby
I had two cocktails on the evening: 
1) the Skinny Fruit Salad Cocktail - saffron-infused Whitley Neill gin, apple, ginger, lemongrass, rosewater and apricot.... Seriously delicious! 
2) the Mardi Gras Star - "a carnival take on a classic porn star w/ cariel
vodka, passionfruit & a prosecco chaser". I'm a sucker for passionfruit, so I was won over on the first sip. 
Left: Sparkling water | Right: Fruit Salad Skinny Cocktail
Mardi Gras Star
I ordered the roasted English lamb rump with pumpkin mash, with some potato and sweet potato wedges on the side. When the food arrived, I was convinced the portion wouldn't fill me, but it did. So much so, I took a doggy bag home with me. The mash was deliciously creamy and sweet; the rosemary-garnished lamb was succulent; and the wedges were wonderfully crispy on the outside, and sensuously soft on the inside. 
Pumpkin mash
Potato & sweet potato wedges
Live lobster
Left: Custom-made non-alcoholic cocktail with cranberries | Right: My shot of vodka
Farm-reared chicken breast with wild mushrooms, spinach & tarragon jus
Steak with roast tomato and onion rings
Pad Thai vegetable stir fry with rice noodles
Left: Uche casually eating the mint plant centerpiece (as you do) | Right: Abi enjoying her non-alcoholic beverage
Big shout-out and thanks to Conor who was our waiter for the evening. He was beyond polite, helpful and patient. Although I don't usually eat out a lot, I understand my palate very well, so know exactly what to order for myself. Our guests sent some food back and Conor was quick to make another suggestion and served new dishes in no time. He made our dining experience a very enjoyable one.  
If The Parlour is anything to go by, I'll definitely be eating out at some of its sister restaurants in London, not to mention, going back there sometime soon.  

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  1. My man Urch & pretty wife Abi. Chew on that grass bro. Hahaha!
    We'll pass through, try The Parlour & come back to this space. Have fun guys!


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