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"Let's do brunch!", I suggested to my close friend Catherine. She's not an early morning gal and I'm not overly keen on late lunches, so this was a perfect meeting arrangement. 
DRESS: ASOS | BAG: Zara | BERET: eBay | SHOES: New Look
I threw on one of my favourite midi dresses with houndstooth/dogtooth print - it seems this trend is rivalling tartan this A/W. Houndstooth is one of those designs that can either be worn with a chic or edgy twist. I'm not 'edgy' in the slightest, so I opted for the former.  
The red accessories helped break up the monotony of the patterned dress and added a little colour to an otherwise monochrome look. 
Instead of wearing my beret tilted to the side like this >click here< , I decided to change it up a little and wear it t'wards the back of my head. 
So...we originally planned on going to The Breakfast Club in Angel, Islington, but the queue was so long that we went to The Diner a few streets away. We had loads of catching up to do, so it was just as well that I ordered the 'Hungry Man Breakfast'.  
Eggs benedict
Full English breakfast
Hope you're all having a great weekend!

As ever, 

*Outfit photos taken by Catherine Doherty


  1. Classy, sophisticated and chic. Love the addtion of the beret.


  2. soory...trying to navigate quickly to find out what OOTD stands for...obv; some kind of scheme or 'self-styled' brand...? just curious...any deper tpics or just a bit of fun project...? what's the goal with this blog...? 8-0


    1. 'OOTD' is style/fashion blogger jargon that stands for Outfit Of The Day...It depends on how you would define 'deeper'. Care to elaborate?....There is no specific 'goal' per se, it is merely a personal blog where I document my style, recipes, food, photography and beauty-related things. Those who find it interesting follow; those who don't find it interesting don't follow.


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