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Goodness knows why it's taken me so long to put this post up (well, other than the forgivable fact that life has been terribly manic recently), but better late than never, eh? 
During the week running up to Halloween, there were ridiculous amounts of pumpkins in the supermarkets (seasonal ingredient turned commercial), so I decided to cook a hearty pumpkin and bean stew - perfect comfort food for the winter months.

Pumpkin (half of a medium-sized one)
Courgette/zucchini (two)
Cannellini beans (one tin)
Onions (two medium-sized)
Chopped tomatoes (400g)
Bell peppers (assortment of red, green, yellow and/or orange)
Seasoning of choice (I'm using Middle Eastern seasoning)
Bread (any of your choice e.g. baguette roll, crispy bun...)

Ready? OK, let's begin...

1. Heat up some oil in a pot while chopping the onions. 
2. Place the onions in the pot and gently fry on a low heat. 
3. When slightly brown, add the chopped tomatoes.
4. Stir in your seasoning of choice, place the lid on the pot and allow the mix to gently boil for 10-15 minutes.
 5. Time to prep the pumpkin: clean and dice the pumpkin into chunks.  
 6. Wash and dice the other vegetables (fruits actually, but in this culinary context, they're veg).
7. Prepare the beans. 
8. Add all the ingredients into the mix and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes or so (depending on how soft you want the ingredients). You may want to use a bigger pot. 
9. Slice yourself a bit of fresh French baguette.   
10. Dish out, garnish with some fresh parsley, and tuck in! 
PREP TIME: 20 minutes

What are some of your favourite winter warmers?

As ever, 



  1. Looks super yummy and nutritious! Cant wait to make it!! I love following your blog! Happy New Year from South Sudan!!! xx

    1. Thank you, Christina. Happy New Year to you too! x


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