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Conveniently located a stone's throw away from Camden underground station, Mango Room is definitely where it's at if you're looking to indulge in some top quality West Indian cuisine. 
On our arrival, the waiter informed me they were fully booked, but with a little gentle persuasion (in my politest manner, of course), he managed to find us a table. It was a close friend's birthday meal (and I was starving!), so I wasn't going to take 'no' for answer. However, it's worth noting that you should book a table beforehand in order to avoid disappointment.

The food was divine. With a menu as adventurous and creative as theirs, it's actually quite difficult to make up your mind when ordering. And, of course, side dishes are a no-brainer . Traditional favourites like plantains, fried sweet potatoes, rice and peas are obligatory additions. Obligatory! 
Mango Room Seafood Casserole with Char-grilled Roti Bread
"Camden's Famous" Curry Goat
Creole Snapper Fillet with Mango & Green Peppercorn Sauce
Cocktails there are smashing. I had the Jamaican Breeze: ginger-infused Appleton special, crushed ginger, cranberry, lime & pineapple juice. 'Nuff said.
Top left: plantains, rice and peas // Top right: sweet potatoes
Bottom left: char-grilled roti bread // Bottom right: Jamaican Breeze
The atmosphere was relaxed, yet buzzing, and the sultry sounds of West Indian music playing in the background, was quite a nice touch.

The dim lighting created quite a romantic ambiance, making Mango Room a great place to go on a date.

 The service on my visit was friendly and attentive. One thing I noted was the presence of the owner: it's always great to see him (who so happens to be the brother of a former colleague of mine) mingling with diners; I personally think it adds great value to the customer experience. 

What can I say about the decor? Tim Davis' vibrant paintings inject style and colour into the spaces. Absolutely gorgeous. I found myself admiring the art throughout the night - they're a fantastic topic for discussion.

Dining at Mango Room is a little pricey, so I'd definitely categorise it as an 'occasion' restaurant, but worth the money. 

My first trip to Mango Room wouldn't have been complete without actually eating a whole mango.
Have you been to Mango Room? Do you have a favourite West Indian restaurant? Let me know. 

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