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What do Stella, alien and poison have in common? Nope, they're not elements of an engrossing sci-fi thriller. They're all names of my current top three fragrances.  

 Have you noticed that when you get accustomed to the same scent, you stop appreciating it? That's why I like to alternate between perfumes daily, and lately, I've found myself reaching for these three:
LEFT - RIGHT: Poison by Christian Dior | Alien by Thierry Mugler | Stella by Stella McCartney 
I was originally a fan of Tender Poison but, when it was discontinued, Poison instantly took its place - it's as a subtler version. I own all of the Les Poisons collection, but in my opinion, this is by far the best. Described as "a rich blend of spicy, fruity and amber notes warmed by honey and musk", it's regal and a very mature scent. Even a day after wearing this, I can still smell remnants of it, and unlike some perfumes, it doesn't settle into fibres and give off an offensive musk. 

There's something about this fragrance that seems to catch the instant attention of the opposite sex. I tend to find that men (rather than women) comment and complement whenever I have this on. It's a very distinct yet unusual scent; fresh with woody and gentle floral notes. The colour of the bottle is completely in line with the mysterious allure of the fragrance, and the gold details and structure connote majesty and splendour.  

This perfume sends me to Nostalgia Lane; spritzing it on takes me back to my early twenties. A perfumer would describe it as having top notes of mandarin, peony, and rose essence; heart note of rose; and an amber base note. I'm generally not that keen on rose scents, but this is divine and very feminine. It lasts for ages, and even though a tad strong when initially sprayed, once settled, it's very appealing indeed. This limited edition Print Collection bottle, inspired by the Falabella bag from Stella McCartney's SS13 collection, is available in nude, blue and yellow. I snatched up the very eye-catching blue one - it adds a bit of vibrant colour to my otherwise quite dull dresser.
(View the full Stella range here)  

What are your current favourite perfumes?

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