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If there's one thing I like the most about the weekends, it's easy Sunday mornings. No rushing about, catch-ups with family and friends, and hearty breakfasts. When it comes to the latter, I don't rate many restaurants, but Dishoom in Shoreditch is one of my top three spots. 

Dishoom has an incredible amount of character. As soon as you enter, you can't help but feel as though you've been transported to another world. A 1960s Bombay in London, to be precise: kitsch decor, family portraits hanging on the walls, classic books and board games, vintage record players, and burning incense.

If there's space on your arrival, I'd recommend you to ask to be seated in the verandah. It's well heated in the autumn/ winter so don't worry about chattering teeth and chills. On our visit, we were fortunate enough to get first dibs on where to sit, and were completely spoilt for choice: sofas, large round table, armchairs. Very homely.
The prices there are very reasonable, without compromising the quality of the food, which is always a good thing. 

I always start my day off with a cup of tea, and thankfully, Dishoom does a pretty mean cup of chai. The spiced, milky tea is a must, and the chocolate chai is a great alternative for cocoa lovers. 
Chocolate chai
The light  wholegrain oats porridge cooked with milk, bananas and dates - with blueberries on top - is probably the best I've tasted.
House porridge
The sausage and egg naan wraps are delicious, but, hands down, the bacon naan wrap, trumps all. The chilli, tomato jam and cream cheese fillings make for an unusually heavenly combination. If you only go to Dishoom for one thing, go for a naan wrap.
Bacon naan wrap
The 'Full Bombay': Bacon, akuri, cumberland sausage, fire toast, grilled tomatoes . Nothing more to say. 
Full Bombay
If you have a little room left in your tummy (and yes, I ate and finished everything pictured in this blog post), the fresh fruit and yoghurt tops off breakfast brilliantly: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, melon and real Kerala vanilla yoghurt goes down a treat!
Fresh fruit and yoghurt
The relaxing, calm vibes, coupled with the cheerful and polite nature of the staff there make the the customer experience very pleasant indeed. No wonder I find myself going back again and again.

Have you been to Dishoom before? What are some of your favourite breakfast spots. 

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