Light Trails and Long Exposures | Photography

One thing I love the most about summer is the opportunity to do more photography projects and really hone and develop my skills. 

I've been meaning to do some night time shooting and experiment more with long exposures and light trails. I absolutely adore the vibrant colours, patterns, squiggles and lines that light can produce when captured.    

Show and tell time! Me and my beau went for a casual stroll around Westminster on Sunday evening and captured some of these shots:

The night before, I shot a wedding by Royal Victoria, and to end the evening, I decided to muck about with the torch on my iPhone and use my camera remote to produce these:
As ever, 


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  1. These were great : ) I loved the writing in the sky that's such a cool effect! I always get annoyed with myself I have a dslr camera and I love it but I always get kind of reluctant to carry it around everywhere. New resolution is to bring it with me places so I can actually use it : )



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