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I'd heard good things about The Modern Pantry, and wanted to experience the hype for myself, so made a dinner reservation for myself and a couple friends after work. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity for a much-needed catchup. 

Located in Clerkenwell, London, the team at The Modern Pantry embrace the "desire to please and excite the palate by fusing everyday cooking with modern ingredients". I'm not entirely sure what "modern ingredients" are exactly, but the food was certainly a party in my mouth. 
Our booking was for 6pm. We were escorted to the restaurant, located on the first floor, which, for that time, meant that we were the first diners of the evening. It was lovely. The natural light beamed through the large windows, letting in majestic rays of sunlight. 

Though very classic, traditional, and somewhat romantic, the decor - namely the wall fixings - reminded me of the playroom of a well-to-do child. It really does works so well; neutral, but with pops of complementary colours and character.  
We ordered bread (focaccia, lavoche and soda bread) and olives for the table. Marvellous!
Overall, I would say the food was well presented, very good quality, and rich in flavour.  
I can't, for the life of me, remember the names of the dishes we ordered. I've probably incorrectly captioned them below, but will update this post as soon as I am more the wiser. 
Goats curd, pickled gooseberries, broad bean, golden beetroot, quinoa & landcress salad, toasted seeds, Shaoxing, verjus & rapeseed oil dressing (above)
Grilled tamarind & miso marinated onglet steak, cassava chips, Kalamata olive salsa (above)

Preserved lemon, cumin & yoghurt marinated Welsh lamb rack, pea & yuzu puree, daikon, Lebanese cucumber & samphire salad, sesame tarator, lemon & cumin dressing (above)
Heritage potatoes
Towards eight o'clock, the room was buzzing with conversation as it filled with more diners; at points, a little too noisy for my liking, but good, cheerful vibes, nonetheless. 

During our visit, staff were very polite, helpful and attentive; always making sure our glasses were full. 

How gorgeous is the above ceiling light?! 

Starters and desserts are very reasonably priced, and, to be honest, for the quality ingredients, so are the mains. We split the bill three ways and paid just under £35 each. Is it filling? Let's just say three courses will leave you wishing you'd wore that elastic-waisted skirt instead of those well-fitting trousers (if you know what I mean).

I'd definitely dine there again; I'm keen to go there for brunch or afternoon tea. 

Have you been to The Modern Pantry before? If so, what did you make of it?

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  1. *.* This looks super delicious and fancy, I love the class.


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