My Ensemble (OOTD): Pleats and Pastels

OK, so I guess I should begin by apologising for my tardy OOTD blog post. My head is indeed held down in shame. 

I've been doing a lot of reading for the soul lately, and in doing so, have analysed the colours in my wardrobe: I've got a lot of monochrome, and quite a few bold reds and oranges, but very few subtle shades. I find pastel colours to be extremely calming, and in an attempt to mentally diffuse a lot of the chaos in my life, have started investing in a lot more subtle tones. This cable-knit jumper is perfect: feminine, comfortable, and a great transitional summer to autumn piece. 

SKIRT: Fashion Union | JUMPER: H&M | SHIRT: New Look | SHOES: Zara | BAG: H&M

If you remember this post, you'll know that I adore pleats, so when I spotted this skirt while doing a bit of online retail therapy, I didn't have to think twice about adding it to my basket. It compliments the pink jumper beautifully and the elasticated white and black banding helps break up the outfit.  
So that's it for another, what, few months? I'm kidding. I will be making a very conscious effort to do an OOTD post at least once a month. 

What colours are currently in your wardrobe and why?

As ever, 


Photos taken by Insta: @one2thr33cheese

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