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I wouldn't say that I'm a lover of seafood, but I'm admittedly partial to the odd scallop, king prawn and salmon every now and again. Now, my boyfriend, on the other hand, could live in the sea and gobble up its entire living contents if that were possible. We made a lunch reservation to dine at Kaspar's Seafood Bar & Grill at the Savoy in celebration of our anniversary on Valentine's Day - and my boyfriend had a very important question to ask me - it was't about putting his favourite jumper in a delicate cold wash. 

The Savoy is absolutely gorgeous. It was the first time I had been, and must admit, I was slightly in awe. Kaspar's, the restaurant, is no exception.  Staff were exceptionally welcoming, polite and helpful, which made our experience there stand apart from many other 'fancy' restaurants that we've eaten at. 
Although utterly spoilt for choice, we didn't waste much time selecting our courses. We got our grub on by starting with the fruit de mer platter:  seasonal oysters (West Mersea rock oysters; Jersey rock oysters), poached prawns, Cornish crab, and scallop. Delightful! 
The atmosphere was relaxing, yet calmly buzzy. I expected it to be a little more packed, being Valentine's Day and all, but I'm not complaining, as that's how I prefer it, to be honest. I suspect they were all booked out for dinner reservations. 
Kaspar's lobster club sandwich
Let me tell you about this lobster club sandwich: heaven in your mouth. That's not even an exaggeration. I took a bite of my boyfriend's sandwich and I couldn't have predicted the treat my tastebuds were about to experience. 
Pan-roasted sea bream fillet with spicy fennel orange salad mustard dressing
I instantly fell in love with the creamed potatoes and the Savoy cabbage with smoked bacon! Combined with the spinach, and sea bream, I was in officially in yumville. The balance of flavours was on point. I was glad I wore a fit and flare dress because I'm certain my stomach expanded a few inches by the end of the meal. 
Vanilla creme brûlée, with gooseberries and old fashioned macaroon
The creme brûlée was fabulously rich. Like the whole meal and experience, I couldn't fault it.  
A little GIF-age. :)
We ended our meal with some coffee and chocolate truffles - there's always some room for truffles!
We left Kaspar's feeling extremely satisfied, stuffed and in higher spirits than we arrived. Our meal came to just under the £150 mark,  so it's obviously a 'special occasion' type of restaurant (unless you have the disposable income of a premier league footballer, in which case, a regular treat, maybe), but, without hesitation, I'd definitely recommend dining there.  

Oh, and if you're wondering what my answer was to my boyfriend's question, it was "Yes. Yes I will".

What are some of your favourite seafood restaurants? 

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