Dr. Martens and Crop Top | My Ensemble (OOTD)

Happy Sunday! The 'fro is back: it's much bigger, and I'm loving it! I'm wearing it proudly, too! #teamnatural

Now, let's get on to the outfit, shall we? 
If you've ever owned a pair of Dr Martens, you'll know that these shoes can take up to two weeks to break into. The first day I wore these lace high boots (FYI: I was in them for about 12 hours), I endured blistering heels and the occasional pinch on my feet. It's not as traumatic as some of the stories you hear, though you'll have to go through a considerable amount of low-threshold pain before experiencing the light at the end of the tunnel a.k.a comfort - I assure you: it's totally worth it. 
Don't even get me started about lacing these bad boys up! Ha! Luckily, they come with zips on the sides, so getting in and out of them is effortless, and doesn't feel like torture. 

I have big calfs, but still wanted to do a criss-cross lace pattern, so I didn't (and could't, more to the point!) lace the boots all the way to the top, but that's not really a big deal.
BOOTS: Dr Martens (1B60) | CROP TOP: Vero Moda | SHIRT: New Look | JEANS: New Look | BAG: Lipsy
If you're not quite confident enough to show your abs - or generally not a fan of exposing certain parts of your body- then layering is a great solution when you want to rock a crop top. I wore a plain white shirt under this Vero Moda navy check funnel crop top. I love the cashmere-like texture of this top and the complementary blue, white and red check patterning. 
The outfit came together quite nicely: smart on top, casual on the bottom.  Smart-casual = very Rebecca-Monique. 
Do you own a pair of Doc Martens? How do you wear crop tops? 

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*Photos taken by Instagram: @One2thr33Cheese


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